The best subtitles and mood music for South African and International TV, film and documentaries.

Established in 2015, ScreenScribez is an enthusiastic team specialising in subtitles, mood music, script editing and proposals. We believe that African TV deserves only the best subtitles and mood music in South Africa – without compromising on characterisation, intention, meaning and quality. With experience in 11 South African Languages, as well as other African languages such as Shona, Zimbabwean Ndebele and more, we are uniquely suited to expanding your audience both throughout Africa and internationally, as well as adding just the right ambience through internationally recognised mood music. Because we work with an experienced team and a large array of software, ScreenScribez works with your own post-production team for a seamless and stress-free experience. Whether you’re embarking on a new project, or want to take your existing project to the next level, ScreenScribez is your best option. Contact us today for a quote.