The Benefits of Using an Established Company Like ScreenScribez for your Subtitle and Caption needs

Whether it’s an established television staple, or a brand-new series or feature-length movie or documentary, high-quality subtitles can mean the difference between engaging and alienating your audience. South Africa is multi-lingual, with its 11 official languages spoken across the nation and on our television every day. Because of this, it’s important to engage as large an audience as possible, catering to existing and potential viewers. This includes viewers of different languages to what is being spoken, viewers who are hard of hearing, and even viewers watching on phones or in lobby areas with the sound off.

So what sets us apart from other subtitlers in South Africa?

ScreenScribez is an established and experienced team of subtitlers who have been working in the industry for over 7 years. We have provided top-tier and easily readable subtitles for some of South Africa’s most widely-viewed series, as well as for acclaimed and award-winning international series, movies and documentaries. We work on software best suited to your post-production team’s needs so the process is both autonomous and seamless from start to finish. Our subtitles go through a rigorous checking process to eliminate human error, while maintaining the human touch.

How do we expand your audience?

Because of South Africa’s wide range of viewer demographics, television series without subtitles or captions are often exclusionary to those who do not understand the spoken languages, or cannot access the audio. In fact, any viewer stands to benefit from quality subtitles, so that meaning, subtext and the script writers’ intentions come across as clearly as possible. Simply put, subtitles enhance the viewing experience.

If you’re still doubtful as to how ScreenScribez’s subtitles can help you reach your desired audience, click on the contact button and get in touch.

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