Which Subtitling Software Is Best Suited to My Project?

There are countless subtitling and captioning programs, ranging from specialised to amateur. So how do you decide which software to use for your project?

This depends largely on the compatibility of your editing software with the subtitling software. ScreenScribez subtitlers are experienced and proficient in multiple software, but we recommend Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, or EZTitles. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro can both also be used for editing, which makes for a seamless post-production experience with everyone using the software. However, because not all editing software has a subtitle or caption function, EZTitles provides multiple plug-in options for most editing software. It’s important that there is clear communication as well as software compatibility among the post-production team.

If you’re unsure which subtitling software would be best suited to your needs, click on the contact button and ask the South African subtitling experts!

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