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ScreenScribez is a team of subtitlers, translators and writers across all South African languages. Over and above the basic translation and subtitle placement offered by other companies, ScreenScribez offers a more bespoke product with the following characteristics:
  • Correct use of spelling and grammar.
  • Conveying the story as accurately as possible.
  • Consistent, predictable reading speed and smooth transitions around shot changes.
  • Succinct translations, without losing tone or meaning.
  • Language stays true to character.
Our subtitles are of a very high standard, and we use a fail-safe system whereby each episode is viewed by 3 or more people:
  • A subtitler (with exceptional knowledge of the original language) translates and places subtitles.
  • A second person ensures that target language is correct, idiomatic, and that characterisation and tone are reflected in the subtitles.
  • A third person proofreads the texts to eliminate any spelling, punctuation, technical or other errors.